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Evaluation studies can measure the impact of a program, indicate crucial areas for change, and guide future projects.  I offer a range of evaluation services (detailed below).  Formal or informal reports of findings can be generated at any time. 

These studies can dramatically impact the success of your project.  Connect with me to discuss evaluating your exhibit, program, or presentation.

Front - End

This evaluation happens at the beginning of a project.  Here you gather information about your audience and get initial feedback about the way the project is seen by stake-holders.  Results can shape the goals and scope of the project.


This evaluation happens mid-stream.  It often involves prototypes or early versions of talks or projects.  Here you determine if your message is getting across and if not, what factors are holding you back.  Results can encourage substantial changes to the project.


This evaluation happens near completion. Here you determine what small tweaks to your design, layout, or language could help visitors have more success in your space.


This evaluation happens at the very end of the project.  Here the goal is to determine if your initial aims were achieved and the final impressions of the audience.  This is often combined with remedial evaluation.  Typically a formal report is generated to document the findings.

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