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This is where I live.

This is the Snowy Range in southeastern Wyoming, fifty miles from my home in Laramie.  Wyoming is extreme, sparsely populated, and breathtakingly beautiful.  But I was not always from the land of granite, snow, and endless blue skies.

I'm a mid-westerner, born and raised in Cincinnati, OH.  My education took me to Duke University where I earned my BSE in Biomedical Engineering and then to Emory University where I earned my PhD in Neuroscience.

With my research on human perception and my strong science background, I forged a path into the world of informal education and science communication.  In 2003, I joined the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC.  There I researched and developed interactive exhibits, wrote interpretive copy, managed projects, and evaluated visitor behavior. 

In 2009, I moved to Laramie, WY and began consulting for  museums and helping professionals communicate science.  I develop exhibits and programming for museums, help researchers teach science, and write labels, reports, grants, and more. 

Get in touch to talk about neuroscience, visitor behavior, and ways I can help you communicate your message to the public.

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